Google Doodle Contest

Have you ever wanted to have your doodle selected for the Google Doodle?  If so, and if you are in grades K-12 then it could be:

This years “Doodle 4 Google” contest is open from September 14, 2016 until December 2, 2016.  The doodle needs to tell the world, “What I see for the future”.  Any materials can be used in the creation of the doodle so clay, graphic design, and even food can all be used.  Make sure that the doodle is an original piece of work by the artist and does not contain any logos or trademarks.  The entry form can be downloaded from their site and entries can be submitted online or mailed to Google.  Only one entry per student and the first entry submitted is the one they will judge.  Keep in mind that the doodle will be viewed on computers, laptops, smartphones, etc., so test out how yours looks before submitting.

The national winner will get their doodle featured on the Google homepage for a day, and they will also get:

  • A $30,000 college scholarship
  • A $50,000 Education Technology award for their school
  • A trip to Google Headquarters in CA
  • A Chromebook
  • An Android tablet

For more information and to enter a doodle:  Remember this is only for artists in grades K-12.


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