Register to Vote Day

Today is National Register to Vote Day.  Voting is an important part of a democratic society.  It is about expressing a preference for, or against, an elected official or ballot measure.  There are deadlines to register to vote, for absentee voting, and early in person voting that are coming up in October.  Below are several places in which to get registered, check your registration, or find out more information about your states requirements.

  • IWillVote: sponsored by the Democratic National Committee
  • SaveTheDay: From their site they are “a digital production company dedicated to the idea that voting is a necessary and heroic act.”
  • CanIVote that was set up by state election officials to help direct people to the right state websites.
  • RockTheVote a nonpartisan, non-profit organization aimed at getting young people to vote.
  • USA.Gov where you can register to vote; and check your status.
  • Vote.Org where you can check your registration status.  You can either enter your information into their form or go to the list of states click on your state and enter the information directly into your states site.

WordPress also has a Get Out the Vote Voter Look-Up Tool:


Here are two videos by Save The Day about the importance of voting:

Video one “Importand Save The Day“:

Video two “You Say Vote: (The owner of the video disabled playback on other sites.  It has to be seen on Youtube



Thoughts? Share below :-)

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