Pumpkin Pie

With Halloween right around the corner and all of those pumpkins being carved up; here is how to transform them into pumpkin pie.  First start with a cooking pumpkin:


Then clean out the seeds and scrap out the pumpkin flesh.  Another option is to just cut the pumpkin into pieces, remove the seeds etc., and only cut out the soft darker flesh into a bowl.

Pumpkin scraping.JPG

Put it into a pot on the stove top at low heat.  Stirring occasionally to keep it from burning to the bottom.  Once the pumpkin starts to transform the temperature can be raised.  The higher the temp the more frequent stirring is required.  This process takes hours and requires patience, knowing that the end result is worth all the work.  The goal is to get as much of the liquid to boil off and for it to turn into:


After that is done I let it cool and then divide it into containers based on my pumpkin pie recipe.  I then freeze the containers.  When needed I let it thaw and then follow my recipe for pie crust and pumpkin pie.  It comes out a bit like this:






In response to the Daily Post: Transformation and to the Daily Post Photo Challenge: Transmorgify

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