Book Review: “Notorious” By Allison Brennan

“Notorious” By Allison Brennan was published by St. Martin’s Press 2014.  I got the book in a box of books free; I am not being paid for my review.

Book Synopsis:

An investigative reporter goes home for a friends funeral.  While there she investigates the death of an old high school classmate.  If that isn’t enough she also investigates another strange death that happened on the property of her old high school.

Rating Legend: 1-Didn’t like it 2-It was alright, 3-I liked it, 4-It was pretty good/well done, 5-It was excellent

Ratings (scale of 1-5):

  • Overall:  2.5
  • Heroine Likability: 2
  • Hero Likability: 2.5

The main story plot was good; an old murder mystery that the police and most of the small town considered solved.  The detective on the case made up his mind as to who was guilty and refused to listen to or look at any other piece of evidence.  The heroine took the side of the person accused and believes that they didn’t commit the crime.  The jury in the court case was split.  The author added in another murder that is thinly tied to the main plot.

This is the second book that I have read from this author and in both she has two plots.  Each plot has its own set of villains, family members, and witnesses.  The plots are connected by a thin detail.  The story then switches back and forth from the main plot to the sub plot.  Both mysteries can only be solved by the heroine who ends up being the center of the book.  The sub plot could have been its own plot in a different book.

The heroine is an investigative reporter who comes from a very well off family; and she herself has a lot of money.  It is pointed out numerous times that she doesn’t have to be doing what she does due to her incredible wealth.  In the heroines past her mother disappeared and left her with her grandparents as a child, then in high school her close friend is murdered, and in college a close friend disappears and is presumed murdered.

Throughout the entire book she denies trying to solve the main murder mystery until the funeral of her friend.  Then she makes up her mind to solve the case.  A few pages later the heroine isn’t sure why she decided to solve the mystery.  The heroine can be summed up by a description from the hero on page 240: “I know what you are. You’re a ruthless, reckless, story-chasing reporter who doesn’t care whether she screws a major case, as long as you get the byline.”

In short there were too many characters, too many plots, and a chart needed to keep it all straight.


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11/29/2016 updated the ratings to reflect a scale of 1-5. Made an indication of the rating scale.  Old scale used to be 1-10.


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