Microsoft Scams

In the past few days I have received an increase in these Microsoft Scam phone calls. Again the best thing to do is not answer the phone. The second best is to just hang up on them.

Roseylinns Reflections

With the release of Windows 10 there has been an increase in Windows Scams.  There is a new email scam going around to and the Microsoft Call Center scam calls have increased.  I have noticed that since the release I have gotten two phone calls from the “Microsoft Call Center” in a short time.  Also in the news recently there was an alert about a bogus email claiming that Microsoft was upgrading users to Windows 10 via email.  Anyone who does click on the link in the email can find their computers taken over by the scammers and will be forced to pay a ransom to get it released back to them.

On August 16, 2015 I got another one of those Microsoft Call Center Scam phone calls.  It came in at 9:14 P.M. my time, which puts it 14 minutes outside the allowed call time mandated by the FTC.  The…

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6 thoughts on “Microsoft Scams

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    1. 🙂 I don’t even trust caller id much anymore. It gets to be nuts when I am calling myself on my own phone. 🙂 There has to be something the phone companies can do to allow people to block these calls; or make sure that the number on caller-id is the real name and number of the person calling.


  1. Roseylinn, I get the phone calls still. Microsoft will not be calling people, so those are also scams. The email scams are more scary. Thanks for sharing, Keith


    1. I don’t know if they will ever stop. Phone companies could provide better tools for consumers to block, or at least identify, those calls. The emails and online phishing websites is scarier. I find it even scarier when someone claims a system is 100% safe and secure; as no system is 100% safe and secure.


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