Book Review: “Two for the Dough” By Evanovich

“Two for the Dough” was written by Janet Evanovich. It is the second novel in her Stephanie Plum series, and the second I have reviewed. It was published in 1996 by Pocket Books. It is written in the first person and is 312 pages. I got the book free in a box of books; and I am not being paid for my review.

Book Synopsis:

Stephanie Plum is still working as a bail bondsman. This time she is going after a villain who shot his best friend. On top of that she is asked to track down missing caskets.

Rating Legend: 1-Didn’t like it 2-It was alright, 3-I liked it, 4-It was pretty good/well done, 5-It was excellent

Ratings (1-5 scale):

  • Overall: 1.5
  • Heroine Likability: 2
  • Hero Likability: 2
  • Plot: 2
  • Read more than once: No.
  • Read the next book in the series: If I got it free; possibly.

Once again Stephanie Plum is over her head in a mystery. This time involving gun smuggling, missing caskets, another fugitive she is trying to get, and murder. Once again Stephanie Plum isn’t above breaking the law to get the job done; and won’t hesitate to take advantage of a situation, or person, to get what she wants. She also seems to encourage others to break the law; and even gets a policeman to allow her to take evidence and return it to where it came from. Thereby destroying the evidence.

In all the story seemed similar to the first book in the series. There seemed to be too many characters, plot issues, and forced humor.  The title also didn’t seem to fit as there were three villains working together; not two. This book also was inconsistent and left me wondering if any editing was done. It seemed as if things were just made up because they sounded good, or provided humor, instead of being right. A little more research should have been done to avoid the mistakes made. Overall the mistakes took away from the book and made me question every other fact given.

There was too much repetition in the story. There was some crude humor that could have been avoided.


Roseylinn: Book Review One For the Money by Evanovich (

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