Book Review: “The Healer” By Sala

“The Healer” by Sharon Sala was published by Mira books in 2008. It is a paranormal, romance, mystery 329 page novel. I got the book from a discount book store. I am not being paid for my review.

Synopsis (my summary):

The hero is a healer who has a strong connection to animals (he communicates with them); can read minds, can compel people to do and say things, and even has canine like senses.

He saves a man who becomes obsessed with making him his prisoner. He believes that the hero can keep him alive forever. The hero ends up on the run and once he meets the heroine he decides to stop. There is a showdown with the villains. The hero and heroine, of course, make it out in the end.

Rating Legend: 1-Didn’t like it 2-It was alright, 3-I liked it, 4-It was pretty good/well done, 5-It was excellent

Ratings (1-5 scoring):

  • Overall: 2.75
  • Hero: 2
  • Heroine: 2
  • Read more than once: No


The book starts with a wolf dropping a mysterious toddler off at a remote Alaskan village. It then jumps ahead two years to when the hero heals a small squirrel. The next jump takes the reader to the present day. It is ten years after the hero has gone on the run from the villain. The hero is on the run because the people the villain hired murdered the man who raised him. The villain has put a million dollar bounty on the hero. The story takes twists and turns. The hero meets the heroine when her dog gets trapped in a trap and needs to be saved. He heals her dog.

The book has one main plot of the hero and the villain out to get him. It adds in a sub-plot of the heroine being stalked by a different person. The story flips to just about every characters point of view. There are times when this can be confusing as it happens so frequently. The author uses a dream the hero has to fill in the reader on historical events. Even in the dream the point of view switches to other characters.

The story is a bit inconsistent with what the hero can and can’t do. His abilities seem to be what the author needs for that scene to work out. At the start all he can do is heal and communicate with animals. In the dreams the animals do what he asks them to do. Later on the hero seems to be able to read minds, influence people to do and say things they didn’t want to do. Like on page 216 the villain stalking the heroine through no will of his own starts to confess to the hero. He also has no ability but to do what the hero wants him to do. Yet; in other scenes the hero doesn’t seem to have any of those powers.

Other than that there were some swear and cuss words and some explicit descriptions.

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