Book Review: “A Colby Christmas” By Webb

“A Colby Christmas” is book 25 in the Colby Agency series. It was written by Debra Webb, and published by Harlequin Intrigue in 2006.It is a 245 page romantic suspense novel. I got the novel at a discount book store and I am not being paid for my review.

Synopsis (my summary):

The hero is wrongfully suspected of embezzlement, or money laundering. He was expected to start work for the Colby Agency after Christmas sometime. The villain hires henchmen to come into the building and destroy evidence. The Colby Agency has offices down one floor from the investment agency that is being investigated. The hero and heroine end up in the building with the henchmen.

Rating Legend: 1-Didn’t like it 2-It was alright, 3-I liked it, 4-It was pretty good/well done, 5-It was excellent

Ratings (1-5 scale):

  • Overall: 3.5
  • Hero: 3
  • Heroine: 3
  • Read more than once: No
  • Read others in the series: Yes


The novel starts from the point of view of the matriarch, Victoria, of the Colby Agency. It isn’t until chapter two that the story starts. That is when the medias res (middle of the action) happens. The heroine wakes up still at the office and wonders what happened to the musicians that were supposed to be there setting up. This starts her adventure for the night. The hero also shows up for the first time in chapter two.

The rest of the novel the hero and heroine run around the building trying to escape the bad guys. They get caught. They escape. They get the proof the hero had to prove his innocence out. Some of it seems a bit drawn out. There is some romantic tension between the hero and heroine. Where the villains are caught at the end of the novel, the henchmen they hired were not.

The scenes involving Victoria aren’t necessary and only break up the momentum of the rest of the story. At the end of the novel at the Christmas party there is a listing of who all is at the party.

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