Book Review: “92 Pacific Boulevard” by Macomber

“92 Pacific Boulevard Cedar Cover series #9” was written by Debbie Macomber, and published by Mira Books in 2009. I rented the book from the library. I am not being paid for my review.

Rating Legend: 1-Didn’t like it 2-It was alright, 3-I liked it, 4-It was pretty good/well done, 5-It was excellent

Ratings (1-5 scale):

  • Overall: 1.5
  • Read more than once: No
  • Read others in the series: No; most likely because I started with book 9.


The novel is set in a small town and follows the lives of several of the couples in the town. With how the book moves from one couple to the next with each chapter reminded me of a television soap opera. There are two small mysteries tossed in; however, they are treated as sub-plots.

There are too many characters to track through the book. Even the author referred to a character named Grace Sherman Harding as either Grace Sherman or Grace Harding throughout the book. There wasn’t really one hero or heroine as each couple had their own issues to get through in this book; some did and some didn’t. Also as the book is the ninth in the series a lot of the details about their relationships have already been established. Had I read the first 8 books in the series I might have understood why two characters took a trip to Las Vegas, and because they only found one hotel room; got married.

The book also did a lot of telling instead of showing things. For example there is a potluck. One character attends and then tells another character all about the event. Some of the details move other story lines forward and it would have been better to have the reader be at the potluck.

There were also some mistakes such as low gas mileage being cited as a benefit for a car. I tend to believe that the higher the gas mileage the better when it comes to a car, but that is just me.

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