I have a lot of house plants. Instead of going out and buying a saucer to put under them; I use clean microwavable meal dishes. They work great and if they get dirty I can toss them in the washer or just recycle them. The black and white/clear ones are easier to hide from view.


A few more ideas:

  • Yogurt containers for starting seeds for the garden. I punch a few holes into the bottom and then fill with dirt. They are a great size and can be reused from one season to the next.
  • Using old jeans to make pot holders.


  • Using an old coffee cup as a pen holder.
  • Cutting up old towels and using them as rags.

Finding a new use for old items also saves money; and keeps some items from just filling up a landfill.



Post inspired by the Photo Challenge: Repurpose

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