Book Review: “Deadly Jellybean Affair”–Marsh

“The Deadly Jellybean Affair” by Carrie Marsh was published May 29, 2017 by Smiling House Publishing Co. It is around 318 pages; and is a cozy mystery. A preview of another book is included at the end. In exchange for an honest review I received an advanced reader copy. I am not being paid for my review.

Synopsis (my summary):

The heroine, Mary, and her friend stumble on the dead body of a girl she recently hired to work in her new bead shop. Mary’s son works in the police department and doesn’t appreciate his mother snooping around the crime. Mary however brushes off her magic skills and works hard to figure out what happens. Of course she has a cat she talks to.

Rating Legend: 1-Didn’t like it (complete fail) 2-It was alright (below average), 3-I liked it (average), 4-It was pretty good/well done (above average), 5-It was excellent (excellent.)

Ratings (1-5 scale):

  • Overall: 3
  • Heroine: 3.5
  • Hero (the cat): 3


The Deadly Jellybean Affair is a cute cozy mystery. As typical the police, in this case the heroines’ son, are stumped, or attempting to blame the wrong party. So the heroine has to step in to figure it out for them. This one the heroine is a witch and uses her spell casting ability to help her. She also has a cat that only she talks to. The cat helps her solve the crime and works to point out things to the heroine.

I liked the interactions between the heroine and her son. She figures out who committed the crime before he can. When it comes to finding out the details of the case from the police she is sneaky and a bit deceptive.

Some items:

  • There were some formatting, awkward sentences, run-on sentences, and punctuation issues. At times it wasn’t clear who was talking.
  • There were sections where I would have liked to be shown instead of told.
  • There were too many characters floating around.
  • There were a few point of view issues.

Overall I liked this novel.


Thoughts? Share below :-)

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