Tax Procrastination

When it comes to taxes here are ten ways to tell you are procrastinating:

  1. Even though you don’t like to, or normally don’t, fold socks; you dump out that large box of socks and fold them.
  2. Even though it is snowing outside; you find some yard work that just can’t wait to get done.
  3. You bath your pet.  If you have a cat you first track down a suit of armor and put it on.  If you have a dog you spend time chasing him around the house until one of you gives up.
  4. You balance your check book and track down that one cent discrepancy that has haunted your balance for the past week.
  5. You wash your car in the rain; because, it just has to look clean.
  6. You break out the tools to fix the broken/leaky faucet.  Even if it isn’t leaking much it still needs fixing.
  7. All of a sudden you get a craving for that old meal your grandmother used to make.  You know the one that takes 45 minutes to prepare, an hour to cook, and an hour of dishes to clean if you go real slow.
  8. You scrub the floor clean with a small nylon scrub pad.  Because a job worth doing is a job worth doing well; and the mop was just missing stuff.
  9. Even though you don’t sew; you get out the sewing machine to fix everything that needs even minor sewing.
  10. You check social media.  Including that one social media account that gives you a headache, and you vowed to not sign into for at least a month.


Thoughts? Share below :-)

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