Running for Office Tips

Like clockwork election season is once again upon us. There are a lot of people running for office in three categories:

  1. Re-election
  2. Running for the first time
  3. Re-running for a position

As a voter, and volunteer, here are a few tips and things to keep in mind.

Canvassing: At most a canvasser has two minutes to convey a message and leave a door hanger. Canvassers need a short elevator pitch that gets the person to accept the door hanger. This is not the time to pile on the items a canvasser has to get through such as; donations, volunteering, petition to get the candidate on the ballot, the next town hall meeting, etc.

Also if volunteers are told they can canvass their own neighborhoods; let them. As a volunteer it is a let down to show up to canvass my neighborhood only to be told it doesnt make sense; and I have to canvass different areas.

Filing Fee:  Pay the filing fee instead of relying on a petition to get onto the ballot. As a volunteer it is difficult to explain why a candidate who announced their candidacy, and started fundraising, months before the filing deadline didn’t pay the filing fee. Why volunteer for, or support, a candidate that might not even make it onto the ballot?

Keep Your Word: If a voter is told that someone will get back to them with an answer in a few days; get back to them in a few days. This is especially important if the candidate criticizes the incumbant for not being accessible, or responding, to voters.  This is something to keep in mind if elected to office.

Respond to email: When contacted with questions off the website, or via an email address, respond in a timely manner. Three to five business days is the standard; longer than that and there is a problem. It shows the voter that their questions mean nothing. It makes it that much harder to vote for that candidate.

Running for office is like a job interview that lasts months.  When at least two candidates running for the same position have an almost identical platform; the little things matter. They are what set apart the candidates. It is important to give people reasons to vote for you; not reasons to vote for the other candidate.



Thoughts? Share below :-)

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