Fur Baby Challege

Not too long ago I took the Kroger Fur Baby Challenge*. It is their “pamper your pets at Kroger” campaign. Over the past few months they have increased the brands of pet food they sell. Where I like the increase in brands I have noticed that they predominantly get in foods with chicken as the main ingredient. Chicken is a very common food allergy for dogs, especially small dogs. Grains are the next common food allergy.

The fur baby challenge consisted of:

  • Nature’s Recipe® Wet Dog Food
  • Nudges® Dog Treats
  • Milk-Bone dog biscuits

As I mentioned in a previous post I had no control over what I got in the sample kit. The Natures Recipe and Nudges both have chicken as a main ingredient; and the Milk Bone dog biscuits have grains. My dog has an issue with some processed chicken in dry dog food and some grains.

Natures Recipe Wet Dog Food


NaturesRecipeChickenandDuck (2).JPG

This is a product I am very familiar with and have purchased in the past. I stopped purchasing it when it seemed as though they increased the liquid in the containers. My dog doesn’t like all the liquid or soft mushy food. I know because he won’t eat it and will push it aside. He is so picky that I can’t put wet food onto his dry food because the dry food might turn mushy. I ask myself often just whom is in charge and usually I come up with “he is” as an answer. Funny part is that he has no trouble hunting down vermits and critters; and has done the job to which his breed was bred for.

I weighed the container without the lid:

NaturesRecipeChickenandDuck (5).JPG

About 2.75 ounces

Then I weighed just the food with as little liquid as possible:

NaturesRecipeChickenandDuck (4).JPG

About 1.1 ounces

Even though he liked the food; I can’t see spending the money for it when I have to toss the liquid.

Nudges® Dog Treats


This is a new product to me. I like the limited ingredients and the “all natural” claim. I like the different varieties. When I looked at the front of the package and saw the “USA Duck” I thought that it was the primary ingredient. However when I turned the package over I soon discovered that chicken was actually the first ingredient.


I also am not sure about the small disclaimer, “this product may naturally change color after opening.” If any food changes color I toss it out. Based on the ingredients I am not sure why it would change color. For that reason alone I am hesitant to actually give the product to my dog.


*Disclaimer: I received the promotional sample kit from My Magazine Sharing by Kroger free as part of the “Fur Baby Challenge”. In exchange they ask for reviews and for participants to spread the word about the items in the kit. I am not paid for my review.

Thoughts? Share below :-)

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