Trolls come in all shapes and sizes. Trolls live to antagonize and deliberately post inflammatory, irrelevant, offensive, attacking, name calling, etc., comments. It includes those people who will put down an idea on someone else’s blog, while presenting the very same idea as their own on their blog. They appear out of nowhere and can wreak havoc on a blog.

Then there are people who follow my blog and their blog appears to be just links, or scams, or weird stuff. I’m talking about the guy who follows and has posts where even the post title is a link to a website that has XXX in the title. Or the one who only has post titles about buying gold in foreign countries that could make me rich really fast. The ones where I don’t even want to click on the post title to open the post because it looks too suspicious. And leaves me wondering why they followed my blog.

One of the things I really like about WordPress is that I can not only block them from commenting:

I can also remove them from following my blog.

People Following Settings

Other tips for dealing with trolls:

  • Do not engage with them. Eventually they will tire themselves out.
  • Delete their comments.
  • Remember it is your blog. You can control what is and isn’t posted to your blog, including the comments.

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