It’s My Blog

“Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way.”

Ray Bradbury

There have been times over the past few months where I sat down to write a blog post; and nothing came out. I just seemed to have nothing to say. Saw no point. Between the news, the global pandemic, and wishing for it to all be over; I had no energy left to blog. I also seemed to get in the way of writing something I found to be fun. I like to blog. If I want to blog about the sunset; then I do. If I just want to share a silly picture then I post that. I tend to be one of those bloggers that posts this and that. I have a lot of interests in life. So that is what I blog about. I tend to follow bloggers who write on a wide range of subjects.

When it comes to blogging it puts a person out there in a public way. The blog and each post is open for anyone to comment on; good or bad. Some out there think it is their place to tell a blogger what they should be doing with their blog. What they should be writing about. Yet, the thing to remember is: It’s My Blog! If you want someone to write about fish; then get a blog and write about fish. If you don’t like how I write book reviews; guess what? You don’t have to read the posts. In fact you could create your own blog and write book reviews how you want.

As long as a blogger is not violating any laws, the Terms Of Service, and Community Standards; then they are free to blog about glitter to their hearts content.

Happy Blogging.

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  1. One of the hardest things for any real ‘writer’ to do is to write. To get started. To type that first sentence. And then to share it. Writing is good for the soul and of course how people react to it is based upon their level of wisdom. To write for others; to others; is a very nice thing. One never knows what good effect even a small gesture of kindness and love can have on others. The written word is powerful.

    I hope I’ve written this in the right place?

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