Yard and Garden Visitors

Every now and then I look in the yard and find evidence that a critter has come through. I had my suspicions; yet no real proof. A few years ago a relative gave me their old trail cams to set out. After listening to the advice on how to set them in the yard I put them out. The thing about a trail cam is any motion can trigger it to record the video. The first set of videos showed:

  • Me as I set up the trail cam
  • The grass as it blew in the wind
  • My dog
  • A few birds that flew by

Then one day I sat and went through the videos. My eyes opened wide:

Only a brief view of him as he walked through. I had to review the video a few times to see the raccoon. Then I checked the other videos. Sure enough he showed up again:

Then I found out who was eating things out of the garden:

Thanks to the trail cam I was able to solve the mystery of what was going on in the yard. Since then I have captured different critters on the videos. If you have a mystery in your yard I would recommend a trail cam. It can be fun to find out what critters are coming through and when.

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