Passwords and Accounts

The other day I signed in to a site I use and got a notification from the browser that my email address and password combination were on the dark scary web. I changed the password at that website. Then put it out of my mind. Until it showed up again. I checked the spam folder for the email address in question and it contained two scam emails. Both threats that if I didn’t send them $2000 or more they would share all I have done online with my contacts, employer, etc. I had ten days to comply. I rolled my eyes. Mostly because for the email address in question the password is not valid; and hasn’t been for a very long time.

I then took a look at things and realized I had way too many accounts. A lot of them sat unused. I even found buried in email information on accounts I didn’t realize I had. That I didnt recall I signed up for and had not used for years. So, after proving my identity I went about deleting all of those accounts. From everywhere. I left just the ones that are important. The ones that I use. That I want to have and can keep ontop of. I also changed my passwords everywhere. It feels good to have simplified things and deleted out all the extra unneeded stuff.

It is important to change passwords every now and then. To not use the same one at more than one location.

Thoughts? Share below :-)

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