Wet Dog Food

I have an aging Schnoodle dog. He has the poodle bad teeth and has lost several of his. Where he used to do just fine with hard dry dog food; he now needs the soft canned food too. I have to be careful with what I feed him for food because he has food allergies to chicken. A lot of dog food manufacturers put chicken in their dog food.

It took me time to search through various wet dog foods. I found that a lot of them put in a lot of water. Some of them seemed to have increased the amount of water since the last time I had bought the food. My dog is a very picky eater. He does not like eating soup.

I then found Costco Natures Domain Turkey and Pea grain-free formula wet dog food for him. One of the first things I noticed were the ingredients: turkey, turkey broth, vegetable broth, etc. I could read them and know what they were without a dictionary. I like that when I open the can there is a lot of chunks of food surrounded by a thick stew sauce. I do not feed him the entire can at one time, so I stir it before giving him any. I also like that he likes the food. Since it is grain free I add in some multi-grain rice.

*Disclaimer: I do not work for and am not affiliated with Costco, or the makers of Natures Domain Dog food. I purchase the food for my dog.

One thought on “Wet Dog Food

  1. Hey, glad that you like that food that she has been giving you. Always good to have tasty food in the bowl. Take care little dog. Peace.


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