“Deadline” By Sandra Brown

“Deadline” is a 2013 410 page romantic-mystery-suspense novel by Sandra Brown. It is written in third person narrative. I received the book in a box of used books. I am not being paid for my review, nor do I have any connection to the author or publisher.

Book Synopsis (back cover summary):

Dawson Scott is a journalist who comes home burned out. So he decides to investigate what could be the story of his career. Little does he know the secrets that will come out by the end of his investigation.

Would I read the book again: No


This is a typical Sandra Brown novel. The book sticks to the formula for a romantic-mystery-suspense novel. She has one overall plot with a few sub-plots going on, lots of characters, and point of view switches to track. She does a good job of weaving the plot through the first half of the book. Then the second half feels like a rush to tie up the story into a neat bow. I didn’t really connect to the heroine or the hero as much as I should have. Their love story seemed to fit into the novel. Yet it stuck to formula from the first look, to the first kiss and objection by the heroine, until they madly fall into bed together and fall in love. There are also swear words throughout the novel.

This book is good if you have an afternoon and want to read a formula romantic-mystery-suspense novel.

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