“Valentines Secret Child” by Christine Rimmer

“Valentines Secret Child” is a 2008 romance novel by Christine Rimmer. It is written in third person narrative. I received the book in a box of used books. I am not being paid for my review, nor do I have any connection to the author or publisher.

Book Synopsis (back cover summary):

As kids the hero and heroine had a relationship. Then they went their separate ways. Only after they did he changed his name, and she found out she was pregnant. Fast forward nine years and they run into each other. She has to find out how to tell him about his daughter.

Would I read the book again: No


This is a typical romance novel right down to the characters. Where I could relate to the characters I found the hero to be in a lot of ways a jerk. The heroine let him treat her bad and took the blame for it onto herself. I also have a few issues with the plot and a few details in the story. The heroine basically leaves the telling her daughter that he is her father; up to him. She lays it onto him that he has to be responsible and not lie to her daughter. Yet, she is lying to her daughter each time she is asked who the man who just moved in with them is. Of course they both just knew they would end up in bed together; only I as the reader did not know that.

I found myself skipping pages and skimming through others and didn’t feel that I missed anything critical to the story. In the end, as with all typical romances, they do end up together. It would have been more satisfying if they hadn’t.

There were point of view changes, and ellipses used for both pauses and left out words. Technically an ellipse is only used for left out words, where dashes are for pauses in sentences.

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