WordPress Admin Dashboard

Since my last post about the Admin Dashboard WordPress has made a few significant changes. Among them to access the Admin Dashboard it is now a link on the right side of the home page.

Now the only things that you can do in the Admin Dashboard are access a listing of all comments, pages, and posts. This still allows for the bulk editing of those items.

All of the other features that used to be there have now been integrated into other areas of WordPress. For example if you wish to check a new theme you now need to:

  • Click on Appearance from the side menu
  • Select Theme
  • Click on Info
  • Click on the large theme image on the right side

It will then open up this screen:

Then click on Try and Customize in the corner.

Disclaimer: WordPress and images from WordPress Free Themes are being used here in an educational manner. WordPress is a product of the company Automattic Inc. I do not work for the company. I do use their blogging platform and highly recommend it for a lot of reasons including how easy it can be to set up a blog. They do not know about or endorse this blog, this post, or me in anyway shape or form. I am one of countless bloggers that use their platform as a host for my free blog. 🙂

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