Cowboy Its Cold Outside by Lori Wilde

“Cowboy Its Cold Outside” is a contemporary romance 2017 novel by Lori Wilde. It is written in third person narrative. I received the book in a box of used books. I am not being paid for my review, nor do I have any connection to the author or publisher.

Book Synopsis (my summary of the back cover):

Big country-western star comes to a small town to perform at a charity concert. He has been nursing his own broken heart. The heroine is nursing a broken heart too. She tells him at first to get lost. He ignores that and eventually they end up together.

Would I read the book again: No


Overall the story started out cute. The two lead characters meet and then they don’t do much of any interaction for a long time in the story. When they do get back together the reader is supposed to just believe the budding romance. That the female lead keeps trying to shut down and have nothing to do with. The people in town do seem to like her and act protective of her. But they also have crush’s on the sexy country western singer. The male lead also seemed to do what he wanted no matter what anyone else said to him. He spent a lot of time in his head thinking through things. The female lead I had issues relating to. She was headstrong about some issues and naive about others. I found the supporting characters to be crass.

As for the writing the author switched point of view a lot. There is a lot of passive telling parts to the story. The author should have also consulted with an actual attorney with knowledge about the legal issues the female lead has in the story. She also used descriptions that took away from the book. Such as the following:

  • Holy freaking catfish
  • Killer-diller
  • Wriggled
  • Holy jaguar jungle

I would not read the story again.

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Thoughts? Share below :-)

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