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I am signed up for several blogs and newsletters on writing and blogging. I like to keep up with the advice and see what tidbits I might learn. I believe in learning and when I started blogging I took WordPress’s Free Blogging Course that they offer. I wanted to learn how to blog and be a good member of the blogging community. In the years since, I have found that everyone out there claims to be an expert with years of experience. Some, have paid courses that a person can take to learn “proper blogging.”

I have read through the materials and sales pitches of several courses offered by these “experts.” It includes things like the definition of a proper blog and who should and shouldn’t blog. In one case claiming that if you are a perfectionist you should not ever blog. Yet, when it comes to some of these blogs run by these experts they don’t follow their own advice. One thing I have noticed about the so called experts with the huge number of followers: they follow and like every blog out there. Once I follow or like their blog back they drop all interaction with mine. So, if it is all about numbers to you then try that and see how many followers you get.

So, what is a proper blog? Any blog with posts. Sure there is some general advice to polish a post before posting. Past that anyone who posts to a blog is a blogger. You can post about what you want as long as it doesn’t break TOS and Community Standards. There is an audience out there. There are free courses to take.

Who should blog? Anyone who wants to put their words out there on one. It can be a challenge for a perfectionist. But that doesn’t mean that if you are one you can’t blog.

Ignore the so called experts.

Thoughts? Share below :-)

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