Covid Tests

Most of the official Covid testing locations around me have long lines, and wait times. The idea of standing in line for a Covid Test, with people who probably do have Covid is not appealing. So, I went in search of the at-home test kits. They are not easy to find and most pharmacies have signs indicating they are out of stock. With everyone searching for a way to get a Covid test it is no wonder that scammers have been taking advantage of the situation.

When it comes to official locations to get a Covid Test, check with your pharmacy, doctors office, or state or local health department. They will have a list of official locations for you to get tested.

The at home tests are another problem. Some people are re-selling them online for high prices. While other scammers are selling fake tests. The only way to know is to get the test kit from an official location such as a pharmacy. Then make sure that it is on the FDA’s antigen diagnostic tests and molecular diagnostic tests lists before you buy.

If you suspect a fake testing location report them to your local health authority, or the police department. If you find a seller online selling test kits for higher than the kits cost at your local stores, report them too.

Thoughts? Share below :-)

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