Award Free Zone

Awards I’ve had a few.  I’m moving to an award free zone.  Where I appreciate them; I appreciate comments more.  The typical requirements of the awards is to answer questions about yourself, list some set number of facts about yourself, and of course pass on the award(s) to other bloggers.

As for the list of “facts” about myself:

  1. Some days I feel the age I most often am mistaken for.
  2. Some days I feel a lot older than I look.
  3. Some days I feel the age that I am.
  4. I do not understand why my dog has to hide his toys in the bathtub or under the pillow on the bed.  Nor do I understand why the perfect location to leave a toy is right in the center of the middle step on the staircase.
  5. Several radio/tv commercials leave me wondering, “what did they take before they came up with that idea, or approved that ad campaign?”
  6. I’m an avid reader and to me a book is one you can touch and smell.

On August 17, 2012 I wrote an article about awards, that they would have more meaning if they had, “some sort of guidelines on how to be nominated for the award, and how to get the award.”  But then again they are also “fun to hand out, fun to get, fun to pass on, and fun to post the graphic on your blog.”  🙂  I still believe what I wrote in that article.



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