Bee Bathing

As I walked in the garden I noticed the zinnia wave. I lifted up higher to see and sure enough a bee sat on the petal. I moved slow to get closer and the bee didn't move. Soon I saw why. He soon stopped his cleaning to stare at me. Then he flew off.

Yard and Garden Visitors

Every now and then I look in the yard and find evidence that a critter has come through. I had my suspicions; yet no real proof. A few years ago a relative gave me their old trail cams to set out. After listening to the advice on how to set them in the yard I … Continue reading Yard and Garden Visitors

Car Ride

I decided to get out of the house the other day. I slipped out of my slippers and grabbed my shoes. As soon as the first shoe went on I heard, "woof." I turned and looked. Sure enough my dog was there. He loves car rides. So, I got out the video camera and asked … Continue reading Car Ride

Fur Baby Challege

Not too long ago I took the Kroger Fur Baby Challenge*. It is their "pamper your pets at Kroger" campaign. Over the past few months they have increased the brands of pet food they sell. Where I like the increase in brands I have noticed that they predominantly get in foods with chicken as the … Continue reading Fur Baby Challege

Tax Procrastination

When it comes to taxes here are ten ways to tell you are procrastinating: Even though you don't like to, or normally don't, fold socks; you dump out that large box of socks and fold them. Even though it is snowing outside; you find some yard work that just can't wait to get done. You … Continue reading Tax Procrastination


Every now and then I babysit a family members ten month old puppy.  My eight year old dog lets him know that he is in charge.  One of my dogs rules is that the puppy cannot come up the stairs.  So the puppy sits and waits for him to come down and play; or for … Continue reading Waiting