Blogging Social Interaction

Typically the advice given to increase the social interaction/engagement on blogs can be boiled down to: Post frequently with quality posts. Be consistent with your posting frequency. Make sure to edit posts for any glaring spelling, punctuation, grammar issues. Go through past posts to see what posts had the most interaction; post similar posts. Like … Continue reading Blogging Social Interaction


Today I did my baking for Christmas.  In total I have made: 2 Apple Pies 2 Pumpkin Pies 2 large Pumpkin Turnover 1 mini Pumpkin Turnover 1 batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies Here is a question to ponder:  Apples are fruit and pumpkin is a vegetable.  Does a slice of apple pie count as a … Continue reading Baking

Hiccup Cures

Having the hiccups can be uncomfortable and annoying.  There are a variety of "cures" out there that people use and recommend to anyone afflicted by the hiccups.  So which method do you use to get rid of them?     Some cures mentioned in the poll came from: 13 Techniques to Cure the Hiccups (

Ethics and Socio-Economic Status

      When University of California at Berkley researches asked themselves that question they decided to conduct a study to find out the answer.  Paul Piff a doctoral candidate is the lead author of the study.  They conducted a few experiments.  What they found is that the people of higher socioeconomic status were more likely to: … Continue reading Ethics and Socio-Economic Status

Christmas Lights?

Driving around and in the stores the decorations for Christmas started to show up right after Halloween.  Then I saw lights show up on some houses right before Thanksgiving.  The stores had entire sections devoted to Christmas and Christmas decorations.  So the question became when do people put up Christmas Lights?  Before or after Thanksgiving.