Dont be a spreader

Most of the people I know are taking the Coronavirus seriously. They are following stay at home orders, and other guidelines set out by the local, state, and federal government. They are staying home if sick, washing hands, wearing gloves, using hand sanitizer, and cleaning surfaces and items they come into contact with. Such as … Continue reading Dont be a spreader

Suspicious Call

A while ago I went to the doctors office for the yearly check-up. The clinic I go to likes to update and verify information with every visit. The front desk workers repeat the information loud enough that most of the people in the office can hear. So anyone in the room could have heard my … Continue reading Suspicious Call

Fur Baby Challege

Not too long ago I took the Kroger Fur Baby Challenge*. It is their "pamper your pets at Kroger" campaign. Over the past few months they have increased the brands of pet food they sell. Where I like the increase in brands I have noticed that they predominantly get in foods with chicken as the … Continue reading Fur Baby Challege

MyMagazine Sharing Network

MyMagazine Sharing Network is a Kroger community designed to let consumers try new products and share opinions. They send out challenges and the recipient is supposed to then share their opinion with friends, family, and through social media. Anyone with a Kroger Shoppers card can sign up for an account. The goal is to share … Continue reading MyMagazine Sharing Network

Equifax Monitoring Signup Deadline

In September of 2017 Equifax announced a cyber security incident had occurred.  It impacted nearly 145.5 million US consumers.  Equifax gave consumers until January 31, 2018 to sign up for their TrustedID Premier credit monitoring service; and/or to freeze your credit report with them.  That deadline is tomorrow. To start the process go to: Click on … Continue reading Equifax Monitoring Signup Deadline

Ant Conference

A tiny sugar ant conference on the counter: A method for getting rid of sugar ants: Set out a small container with maple syrup.  I've put mine in the general location where I'd seen them before. Wait a few days for the colony to get used to the maple syrup location. Add ant poison to the … Continue reading Ant Conference


It seems that when a tiny thing goes wrong with a major appliance the repair bill is huge. For example, the control panel on my three-year-old dishwasher decided one day to quit.  Right after the warranty expired.  I searched online for causes, solutions, and repair estimates.  It turned out that that specific brand had an issue … Continue reading Dishwasher

Business Opportunities

There are busines opportunities around every corner.  The legitimate ones follow: The FTC Business Opportunity Rules: Provide 7 days in advance of signing contracts, making payments, etc. a Business Opportunity Disclosure Document. If any claims about how much money a person could earn; or examples of how much money others have earned are made; or … Continue reading Business Opportunities