Public Reaction

When Covid first started to hit the news I started to wear rubber gloves to the grocery stores. I would notice the people who gave me strange looks for the gloves. I remember the news stories about how they did not real good for anyone. Most of that centered around how people didn't know how … Continue reading Public Reaction

Covid Vaccine Cards

People are getting their Covid Vaccine shots across the country. That has started a disturbing trend of photographs of the vaccine cards showing up on social media. It is commendable for people to share that they got the shot, and encourage others to do the same. However, stop sharing the cards online. Identity theft comes … Continue reading Covid Vaccine Cards

US Stimulus Payment

If you are curious as to when you can expect your US Stimulus Payment go to the IRS website: Click on Get My Payment. Agree to go to the form to enter in your information. Then continue. It will tell you on the next screen your status.

PSA On Grocery Shopping

This is an excellent video on how to clean groceries you bring into your home at this time. It is well worth the 13 minutes to sit down and watch: Please keep in mind that this is for educational purposes. Be safe.

Dont be a spreader

Most of the people I know are taking the Coronavirus seriously. They are following stay at home orders, and other guidelines set out by the local, state, and federal government. They are staying home if sick, washing hands, wearing gloves, using hand sanitizer, and cleaning surfaces and items they come into contact with. Such as … Continue reading Dont be a spreader

WP Two-Step Authentication

A long time ago I set up the Two-Step Authentication feature on my blog. When I sign in I get sent a text message with a code to enter. Without the code I cannot login to my account. There are also backup codes that can be generated in case a person doesn't have access to … Continue reading WP Two-Step Authentication

Friend-Family Scam Part 2

The other day my relative told me about how they got another one of the "friends and family" scam phone calls. They answered the phone, "hello." "Hi grandma," he sniffled, "how are you? This is your grandson." The voice did not sound like any of her grandkids. Immediately the relative knew that it was a scam. … Continue reading Friend-Family Scam Part 2

Ive Voted

I have officially voted in the 2018 midterm elections; have you?  I hope the answer to that question is either a resounding, "yes" or an "I'm voting later today". Voting is one way to make our voices heard in a democracy. Here is a small clip from the Murphy Brown episode "Results May Very"; in which … Continue reading Ive Voted