Presidential Wax Statues

Sometime ago a wax museum went out of business and auctioned off their presidential wax statues. John Oliver did an episode about the statues, the other celebrities that purchased a statue; and the five statues he bought. After John Olivier had a few choice words to say about the wax president that Stephen Colbert … Continue reading Presidential Wax Statues


For What Its Worth

Below is the timeless protest song from the 60's "For What Its Worth" by Buffalo Springfield.  The song is listed as one of the top ten protest songs of all time in a survey done by Rolling Stone. The lyrics are just as relevant today as they were in 1967. The story behind the song: … Continue reading For What Its Worth

Stuck in the Negative?

Alison Ledgerwood delivers this TedTalk discussing how our minds get stuck in the negative narrative. She also discusses some ways to get unstuck. From the Youtube description: ( Alison Ledgerwood joined the Department of Psychology at UC Davis in 2008 after completing her PhD in social psychology at New York University. She is interested in … Continue reading Stuck in the Negative?

Share A Goal?

Just after New Years the question comes up, "what did you set for your New Year's Resolution?" Inevitably at least one goal is shared with the person that asked the question. Is that the smart thing to do? According to this TedTalk the best course of action might be to keep the goal to ourselves; … Continue reading Share A Goal?

Kang Lee: Can you really tell if a kid is lying?

Can you really tell if a kid is lying? In a TedTalk filmed in February 2016 researcher Kang Lee discussed: Are children poor liars? Do you think you can easily detect their lies? Developmental researcher Kang Lee studies what happens physiologically to children when they lie. They do it a lot, starting as young as two … Continue reading Kang Lee: Can you really tell if a kid is lying?


Tonight is the second, of three, supermoons that are occurring this year.  Below is a video by NASA that discusses the supermoon: The supermoon on November 14th will be an extra supermoon; and the closest supermoon in the 21st century.  The next extra supermoon won't be until November 25, 2034. Links: Novembers Spectacular Supermoon: ( … Continue reading Supermoon