IRS Phone Scam

Lately I have been getting an increased number of IRS Phone Scams. As I mentioned in previous posts the IRS first sends out a letter if there is an issue with your taxes. You can contact the IRS directly to determine if there is an issue with your taxes.  Here is the video from the IRS that discusses these scams:

Here is a video by the Victoria Police Department where they talk to the actual scammers (warning about the language):

Some of the things you can do:

  • Don’t answer the phone if you don’t recognize the number.
  • Hang up immediately.
  • You can report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, and the FTC
  • If they send an email: do not reply, do not open attachments, do not click on any link inside the email. You can forward the full email with headers to:



Quote of the day–John Quincy Adams

“All men profess honesty as long as they can. To believe all men honest would be folly. To believe none so is something worse.”
John Quincy Adams, 1809

Quote of the day–Susan B Anthony

“The one distinct feature of our Association has been the right of the individual opinion for every member. We have been beset at every step with the cry that somebody was injuring the cause by the expression of some sentiments that differed with those held by the majority of mankind. The religious persecution of the ages has been done under what was claimed to be the command of God. I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do to their fellows, because it always coincides with their own desires.”  Susan B Anthony

New Veterinary

When it came to finding a new veterinary clinic for my puppy, I did a lot of research. I reviewed their websites, reviews, and information about the veterinarians at the clinics. Part of the decision making process included phone calls to ask about vaccinations. In the end I finally found a new clinic that I thought would be good. The real test however was the first visit.

Bandit loves car rides. So getting him into the car is simple, just open the door and he jumps inside. Pulling up to the veterinary clinic raised his suspicions though. He started to vocalize his concerns about where we were at from the moment we got out of the car. When we went through the “dogs only” entrance he turned his head around and growled at me. As if I tricked him into going to the place where he gets shots. One of his least favorite things after the one veterinarian years ago didn’t do it right and it hurt.

“What you have to get shots?” I stated.

“No, I don’t.” Came the semi-growl moan back. He continued his discussion about the matter as I ignored him in order to get check in done. The second he stepped onto the scale and the number flashed he stepped off. I picked him up and set him on the scale. He shook his head.

He resigned himself to being there and stopped his chattering once inside the small exam room. Bandit stood on the anti-slip material they had on the exam table. The technician came over as Bandit looked at me. She got out the thermometer and quickly picked up his tail and inserted it. The second she did his head snapped around and he let out a growl, “what the heck are you doing?” I smiled; yet the laughter crept out. He turned his head and gave me a dirty look, “this isn’t funny, do you know where she put that?” and then back at the technician, “do you mind?”

The visit went well with the veterinarian. They had a technician hold him while giving the shots, which worked really well. In the past when I had to hold him while he got a shot he would climb up my shoulder, and dig in with his claws. Then came the bad news. Well bad news for Bandit. Popcorn is one of his favorite snacks. According to the veterinary he is to have a few plain pieces. He shook his head and sighed heavily as he gave me a look, “Don’t listen to her.”

The other night I put the plain air popped popcorn to the test. Bandit is picky about his food. Only those pieces of popcorn he decides are good will he eat. So, in one bowl I had a few pieces of plain popcorn. In the other my buttered popcorn. I gave him one of his pieces. He sniffed it, took it in his mouth and then spit it out. He inched closer to the other bowl and sniffed. Then turned his head to sniff the bowl of plain popcorn. With his paw he tapped the buttered popcorn bowl and stared at it.

I tried to give him another piece of plain popcorn. It wasn’t even acknowledged. I took the piece and placed it into the buttered popcorn bowl. Then took it out and gave it to him. He sniffed it, and then reluctantly ate it. So long as the plain popcorn was placed into the bowl with the buttered popcorn there was a higher chance he would eat it. Just straight plain popcorn; no way.



Book Review: “Georgia on My Mind” by Force

“Georgia on My Mind” by Marie Force was published in 2011 by HTJB, Inc. The novel is a contemporary romance. It runs about 352 pages. When I got the book it was a free download. I am not being paid for my review.

Synopsis (my summary):

The novel covers the romantic stories of three couples. Three woman who are roommates hook up with three brothers.  There is instant attraction between all of them.

Rating Legend: 1-Didn’t like it (complete fail) 2-It was alright (below average), 3-I liked it (average), 4-It was pretty good/well done (above average), 5-It was excellent (excellent.)

Ratings (1-5 scale):

  • Overall: 2
  • Heroine: 2
  • Hero: 2


It is slightly different than a typical romance in that each couple not only falls in love at first sight; they fall into bed shortly there after. Most romance novels I have read a bit more of a relationship is established before they have sex. All issues that the couples have are resolved quickly by the end for the happily ever after.

The novel attempts to give each couple equal page time. It moves back and forth between each couple, and each person. So there are 6 main points of view. It becomes a bit to keep track of.

Some of the minor characters provided comedy to the story.

Some items:

  • Too many characters
  • Too many plot points involving each character and each couple. It caused the book to seem rushed through each of the couples stories, and didn’t give real depth.
  • The author could have done some more research to avoid some mistakes. For example Styrofoam is generally not recyclable when clean, and it certainly isn’t when soiled with food.
  • There were too many characters floating around.
  • There were a few point of view issues.

Overall I thought this novel could have been broken into three separate ones.


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Book Review: “Deadly Jellybean Affair”–Marsh

“The Deadly Jellybean Affair” by Carrie Marsh was published May 29, 2017 by Smiling House Publishing Co. It is around 318 pages; and is a cozy mystery. A preview of another book is included at the end. In exchange for an honest review I received an advanced reader copy. I am not being paid for my review.

Synopsis (my summary):

The heroine, Mary, and her friend stumble on the dead body of a girl she recently hired to work in her new bead shop. Mary’s son works in the police department and doesn’t appreciate his mother snooping around the crime. Mary however brushes off her magic skills and works hard to figure out what happens. Of course she has a cat she talks to.

Rating Legend: 1-Didn’t like it (complete fail) 2-It was alright (below average), 3-I liked it (average), 4-It was pretty good/well done (above average), 5-It was excellent (excellent.)

Ratings (1-5 scale):

  • Overall: 3
  • Heroine: 3.5
  • Hero (the cat): 3


The Deadly Jellybean Affair is a cute cozy mystery. As typical the police, in this case the heroines’ son, are stumped, or attempting to blame the wrong party. So the heroine has to step in to figure it out for them. This one the heroine is a witch and uses her spell casting ability to help her. She also has a cat that only she talks to. The cat helps her solve the crime and works to point out things to the heroine.

I liked the interactions between the heroine and her son. She figures out who committed the crime before he can. When it comes to finding out the details of the case from the police she is sneaky and a bit deceptive.

Some items:

  • There were some formatting, awkward sentences, run-on sentences, and punctuation issues. At times it wasn’t clear who was talking.
  • There were sections where I would have liked to be shown instead of told.
  • There were too many characters floating around.
  • There were a few point of view issues.

Overall I liked this novel.

Quote of the day–George S. Patton

“The real hero is the man who fights even though he is scared.”
George S. Patton, 1944

What a Wonderful World

An absolutely wonderful rendition of the song “What a wonderful world”.  Enjoy.


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