Bird Nest

For a few years now small birds have attempted to build a nest under the edge of the roof


on this small ledge.


Most of the time they give up. This year however two birds

Little Bird.jpg
Busy collecting stuff for the nest.


worked really hard to get the job done:


Up close it seems like a small and unusual location to have a nest. However from a distance it makes sense:

Can you spot the nest?

It’s a well hidden covered area in which to have their young.



This post was inspired by the Photo Challenge: Unusual


Today I looked outside and saw that the deer have returned. They appear so graceful as they munch on my neighbors blackberry bush:

Yummy blackberry bush

Then after all that hard work they look peaceful resting:

“I’m resting here. Enough pictures.”



Inspired by the photo challenge, “Graceful” (

Snoring Hummingbird

Today’s cute video comes from the BBC One show “Cute Animals”.   This is a cute snore:

You can find out more about the program, and see more Cute Animal clips following the links below:

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Raven playing in the snow

Cute video:


Crow Sliding on Roof

Cute video:


Updated 2/4/2012: Original video posted was pulled from YouTube for a Copyright claim.


Rats have empathy

The study was to see if a rat would help another rat with and without chocolate in another cage.  What was discovered is that a greater number of female rats (6/6) as apposed to male rats (17/24) would open the doors of the trapped rats.  They would then open the cage with the chocolate and share it with the liberated rat.  The rats did not have a specific order in which they opened the cages but they would open both of them.  Thus showing that the rats empathized and helped out their fellow cage mate.

The study write up and a video are links are below: