IRS Phone Scam

Lately I have been getting an increased number of IRS Phone Scams. As I mentioned in previous posts the IRS first sends out a letter if there is an issue with your taxes. You can contact the IRS directly to determine if there is an issue with your taxes.  Here is the video from the IRS that … Continue reading IRS Phone Scam


Electoral Voted Presidents

Here is a Ted-Ed talk on how the Electoral College works: ( Question: How many presidents were elected without winning the popular vote?  And which ones were they? Answer: Five presidents took office without winning the popular vote. In other words they won the electoral college vote; not the popular vote. They were: John Quincy Adams … Continue reading Electoral Voted Presidents

A Voting Hoax

A recent hoax circulating online, and in a flyer on a college campus, suggests that voters can vote via social media.  The flyer or online image says that in order to vote for Hillary Clinton voters need to type "Hillary" with the hashtag "PresidentialElection" on November 8 in order to vote for her.  No state … Continue reading A Voting Hoax

The Al Smith Dinner

The day after the third presidential debate both candidates were at the Al Smith Dinner.  It is an annual charity dinner held to raise funds for Catholic charities and is named after Alfred E. Smith.  Since 1960 the almost all of the two main presidential candidates have attended to poke fun at themselves and their … Continue reading The Al Smith Dinner

FDA Product Investigation: WEN

The FDA has released a statement about their investigation into WEN By Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioners.  The FTC has received 127 reports from consumers in regards to the products.  It is the "largest number of report ever associated with any cosmetic hair cleansing product including cleansing conditioners."  They are also investigating more than "21,000 complaints" … Continue reading FDA Product Investigation: WEN

Business Opportunities

There are busines opportunities around every corner.  The legitimate ones follow: The FTC Business Opportunity Rules: Provide 7 days in advance of signing contracts, making payments, etc. a Business Opportunity Disclosure Document. If any claims about how much money a person could earn; or examples of how much money others have earned are made; or … Continue reading Business Opportunities

DMCA Comment Period

The United States Copyright office is doing a public study to evaluate the safe harbor provisions in section 512 of title 17, United States Code.  Title 17 is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that was passed in 1998.  Section 512 is the section that allows copyright owners and online entities to address infringement.  Service providers are … Continue reading DMCA Comment Period

WA State Caucus

For the presidential primary Washington State holds a caucus and a primary.  Each party is allowed to determine if either the caucus or primary results; or a combination of both, will be used for the allocation of delegates.  For the Democrats the caucus determines 100% where the delegates end up; for the Republican's 100% of primary results … Continue reading WA State Caucus