The Grocery Store

My grip tightened on the cart as I turned it down the frozen food aisle in the grocery store. I looked down at my list and over to the calculator on my phone. I'd calculated the cost of every item in my cart and made sure it came in under my budget. I pulled my … Continue reading The Grocery Store

Round Zucchini

Around every corner in a garden there is something hidden waiting to be discovered. There are several fruits and vegetables that are great at hiding; cucumbers, and strawberries.  The master at hiding are round zucchinis: Just below the leaves it sits nestled against a backdrop that keeps it hidden. Here is one more picture just … Continue reading Round Zucchini

Sweet Revenge

Imagine walking in the grocery store and in front of you are two people. One of them has observable love handles, has a gut that comes over the belt, and appears to be obese.The person next to them is thin and appears to be of a healthy weight. Which one is healthy and which one isn't? … Continue reading Sweet Revenge

Cheesy Noodles

One of my favorite dishes is cheesy noodles. Here is a simple way to make them: Boil noodles per instructions on box. Grate medium or sharp cheddar cheese; or any preferred cheese.  Drain water from noodles when they are done. Add a little milk or butter to the bottom of the pot. Set it back … Continue reading Cheesy Noodles

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas filled with food, family, and friends. Remember to set the scale back a few pounds after all the food consumed on Thanksgiving and on Christmas. Norad's official Santa Tracker is up and running so you can keep track of where Santa is located and how long it will be before … Continue reading Merry Christmas

Time of Year

To me it would not seem this time of year without the following: Strudels I learned how to make from my grandmother. During the winter I make them more often as they fit with colder, winter weather. Fall foliage Maple trees in particular turn beautiful colors during the fall. Baking Of course there is also the … Continue reading Time of Year

Cookie Countdown

In honor of the holiday season Pillsbury is having a Cookie Countdown. From Nov 25 to Dec 25 they are sending a new cookie recipe to subscribers every day.  You can sign up for the Cookie Countdown here:     Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with Pillsbury.  

Pumpkin Pie

With Halloween right around the corner and all of those pumpkins being carved up; here is how to transform them into pumpkin pie.  First start with a cooking pumpkin: Then clean out the seeds and scrap out the pumpkin flesh.  Another option is to just cut the pumpkin into pieces, remove the seeds etc., and … Continue reading Pumpkin Pie