Blogging Social Interaction

Typically the advice given to increase the social interaction/engagement on blogs can be boiled down to: Post frequently with quality posts. Be consistent with your posting frequency. Make sure to edit posts for any glaring spelling, punctuation, grammar issues. Go through past posts to see what posts had the most interaction; post similar posts. Like … Continue reading Blogging Social Interaction

Equifax Monitoring Signup Deadline

In September of 2017 Equifax announced a cyber security incident had occurred.  It impacted nearly 145.5 million US consumers.  Equifax gave consumers until January 31, 2018 to sign up for their TrustedID Premier credit monitoring service; and/or to freeze your credit report with them.  That deadline is tomorrow. To start the process go to: Click on … Continue reading Equifax Monitoring Signup Deadline

Friend/Family Scam

The other day one of my relatives shared with me a strange phone call they received. As they picked up the phone they coughed and sneezed.  From the other end of the line came, "how are you feeling?" "Fine," they sniffled and grabbed a tissue to wipe their nose.  "Who is this?" "Your eldest grandson." … Continue reading Friend/Family Scam

Fake News

Years ago, before the internet, the financial cost of becoming a news organization was a significant barrier to just anyone creating a news organization.  Now all it takes is a website, blog, and/or social media account and anyone can have a "news site". The amount of information out there is only growing; which requires the … Continue reading Fake News


Once again one the Powerball jackpot prize is over $400 million. I've noticed that with the higher jackpots two things seem to happen: More advertisements on TV and radio. More scams and people trying to sell their "lottery winning systems." Here are a few tips to avoid the scams: In order to win a lottery … Continue reading Lottery

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines Day.  Here is a video done by History about the history of Valentines: Google created an interactive Valentines Day Google Doodle it can be found here: Doodle Archive. Links in Article: Bet You Didn't Know: Valentines Day | History ( Google Doodle Archive (

YouGuv Surveys

YouGuv Surveys are a world leading online market research company where anyone can join and take surveys. Their survey results show up in various locations in the news and online.  Surveys are typically between 20 and 30 questions; with the occasional longer survey.  Each survey taken earns the user points which can be turned in for gift … Continue reading YouGuv Surveys

Popularity Contests

There are people out there who crave social situations; who love to have a million friends all hanging on their ever word no matter how inane, who have to be the center of attention and will use any method of achieving that goal that they can.  It just means that for this person being social … Continue reading Popularity Contests