Blah Blah Blah

Sometimes when I am in a store and an annoucement comes over the loud speaker it sounds just like, "special event, blah blah blah, back of the blah blah blah." Just like the adults spoke in the Charlie Brown. Falling asleep to "blah blah blah" So I wondered if there was a song out … Continue reading Blah Blah Blah

Suspicious Call

A while ago I went to the doctors office for the yearly check-up. The clinic I go to likes to update and verify information with every visit. The front desk workers repeat the information loud enough that most of the people in the office can hear. So anyone in the room could have heard my … Continue reading Suspicious Call

YouGuv Surveys

YouGuv Surveys are a world leading online market research company where anyone can join and take surveys. Their survey results show up in various locations in the news and online.  Surveys are typically between 20 and 30 questions; with the occasional longer survey.  Each survey taken earns the user points which can be turned in for gift … Continue reading YouGuv Surveys

Hide and Seek

Among the items I planted in this years garden were cucumbers.  They like to play "hide and seek" and are incredibly good at the game.  They also grow quickly.  It seems like on Monday they are this size: By Wednesday, they are this size: Friday they get this size: If not found before Sunday they reach … Continue reading Hide and Seek

Pot Holders

I've been working on making pot holders lately to replace the ones that are falling apart.  I have noticed the ones from the dollar store break down really fast, and the ones from the store aren't a ton better.  So, the old jeans got turned into more pot holders today.  For the inside of the … Continue reading Pot Holders

Old Jeans

The other day I noticed a bag of old jeans that were either going to get tossed out, donated to charity, or left sitting in the bag collecting dust until something was decided.  I am all for donating old clothes and items to charity even though the tax write-off is not always that great.  Right … Continue reading Old Jeans

Hiccup Cures

Having the hiccups can be uncomfortable and annoying.  There are a variety of "cures" out there that people use and recommend to anyone afflicted by the hiccups.  So which method do you use to get rid of them?     Some cures mentioned in the poll came from: 13 Techniques to Cure the Hiccups (