Parking Spots

While out shopping I pulled into a small parking lot that had several cars looking for spots; and saw this truck. Instead of parking length wise to take up at most two spots it's driver decided to take up four. With how dark the cab is it is hard to tell if there is a person … Continue reading Parking Spots

Red Charm Peony Blooming

Since my last post on the Red Charm Peony they have gone from here: To here: To finally open: They were worth the wait. Related Blog Post:  


After years of the weather people predicting snow I had little hope that we would get any. Then one day they forecast an inch of snow and we got a little dusting instead. At that point it was a bit tempting to believe that maybe the weather people might be capable of being right. The … Continue reading Snow

Worst Gift Idea

With the holiday season manufacturers are working hard to influence people to give their products as gifts. Since just about every product out there has a newsletter; and the coupon exclusive incentive to sign up for them, they are filling up my email. This morning one of the feminine hygiene product newsletters focused on unique gift … Continue reading Worst Gift Idea


Tonight is the second, of three, supermoons that are occurring this year.  Below is a video by NASA that discusses the supermoon: The supermoon on November 14th will be an extra supermoon; and the closest supermoon in the 21st century.  The next extra supermoon won't be until November 25, 2034. Links: Novembers Spectacular Supermoon: ( … Continue reading Supermoon

Electoral Voted Presidents

Here is a Ted-Ed talk on how the Electoral College works: ( Question: How many presidents were elected without winning the popular vote?  And which ones were they? Answer: Five presidents took office without winning the popular vote. In other words they won the electoral college vote; not the popular vote. They were: John Quincy Adams … Continue reading Electoral Voted Presidents

Judging Information Sources

The other day I was doing some online research and came across several websites and blogs on the topic.  Just about anyone, and any organization, can have a website today.  One website can serve a multitude of functions depending on the goals of the person or organization running the site.  For example, a research organization … Continue reading Judging Information Sources