New Veterinary

When it came to finding a new veterinary clinic for my puppy, I did a lot of research. I reviewed their websites, reviews, and information about the veterinarians at the clinics. Part of the decision making process included phone calls to ask about vaccinations. In the end I finally found a new clinic that I thought would be good. The real test however was the first visit.

Bandit loves car rides. So getting him into the car is simple, just open the door and he jumps inside. Pulling up to the veterinary clinic raised his suspicions though. He started to vocalize his concerns about where we were at from the moment we got out of the car. When we went through the “dogs only” entrance he turned his head around and growled at me. As if I tricked him into going to the place where he gets shots. One of his least favorite things after the one veterinarian years ago didn’t do it right and it hurt.

“What you have to get shots?” I stated.

“No, I don’t.” Came the semi-growl moan back. He continued his discussion about the matter as I ignored him in order to get check in done. The second he stepped onto the scale and the number flashed he stepped off. I picked him up and set him on the scale. He shook his head.

He resigned himself to being there and stopped his chattering once inside the small exam room. Bandit stood on the anti-slip material they had on the exam table. The technician came over as Bandit looked at me. She got out the thermometer and quickly picked up his tail and inserted it. The second she did his head snapped around and he let out a growl, “what the heck are you doing?” I smiled; yet the laughter crept out. He turned his head and gave me a dirty look, “this isn’t funny, do you know where she put that?” and then back at the technician, “do you mind?”

The visit went well with the veterinarian. They had a technician hold him while giving the shots, which worked really well. In the past when I had to hold him while he got a shot he would climb up my shoulder, and dig in with his claws. Then came the bad news. Well bad news for Bandit. Popcorn is one of his favorite snacks. According to the veterinary he is to have a few plain pieces. He shook his head and sighed heavily as he gave me a look, “Don’t listen to her.”

The other night I put the plain air popped popcorn to the test. Bandit is picky about his food. Only those pieces of popcorn he decides are good will he eat. So, in one bowl I had a few pieces of plain popcorn. In the other my buttered popcorn. I gave him one of his pieces. He sniffed it, took it in his mouth and then spit it out. He inched closer to the other bowl and sniffed. Then turned his head to sniff the bowl of plain popcorn. With his paw he tapped the buttered popcorn bowl and stared at it.

I tried to give him another piece of plain popcorn. It wasn’t even acknowledged. I took the piece and placed it into the buttered popcorn bowl. Then took it out and gave it to him. He sniffed it, and then reluctantly ate it. So long as the plain popcorn was placed into the bowl with the buttered popcorn there was a higher chance he would eat it. Just straight plain popcorn; no way.




After years of the weather people predicting snow I had little hope that we would get any. Then one day they forecast an inch of snow and we got a little dusting instead. At that point it was a bit tempting to believe that maybe the weather people might be capable of being right. The small dusting of snow melted away and the cold weather clung onto the area. Every day they seemed to forecast snow, they were resilient that some day it would show up in the quantity that they predicted. Really it would. Only it didn’t. The anticipation of a genuine snow day came and went. Then they forecast a day of freezing rain followed by light snow. Instead I woke up to find this seemingly infinite amount of snow on the ground:


Lots of snow.

Okay it wasn’t infinite, yet it sure seemed like it when it didn’t stop snowing for a day.  The weather people scrambled to catch up to mother nature. The weather coverage seemed endless, as did the “breaking news updates” that restated what they said the last time. On the rare occasion there was something new; like kids waving and playing in the background as the news person tried to be serious.

At every turn mother nature proved the weather person wrong. They would claim it would stop by noon. Noon would come and go and there was not only more snow; it was snowing harder. As the snow piled up a path was dug in the yard for my puppy dog to use.

Small pathway.

He uses the path at times and at others he doesn’t:

Path, what path? This is more fun.

The snow clings to his fur in a very uneven, clumpy, manner. While he is playing outside he sometimes ignores when his name is being called to come back inside. Once inside he wants to get warm and dried with the hairdryer. My shoes end up relaxing against the fireplace bricks to get dry and warm.

Nice and warm.

All of the snow creates a vastly different horizon than before. Looking out the window as the sun shines down and reflects off the snow it provides for a relaxing ambiance.

Pretty snow.



This post was inspired by the daily prompts: CapableSomeday, Cling, Uneven, Shine, Infinite, Specific, Tempted, Year, and Hopeful. It was also inspired by the weekly photo challenges: Ambiance, Names, Resilient, Path, Anticipation, New Horizon, and Relax.



New Neighbors

When it came to my garden I used to have to be concerned with my dog, birds, the ocassional rabit eating stuff.  The other night I looked out and saw the new neighbors:


Deer Copyright Roseylinn 2016
This explains a few things.

From what I understand they have been coming around for at least the past two weeks.  I can hardly blame them the field is an all you can eat buffet for a deer.  It also explains some mysterious prunning.

They haven’t found my garden or my roses yet.

Double Roses
Double Roses 🙂

There is a fence they could easily jump over if they wanted between them and it.  Not to mention my little dog; although I’m sure he isn’t much of a match for them.  More of a headache with all the barking.


Ask A Stupid Question Day

Today, in case you didn’t know, is Ask A Stupid Question Day.  Apparently the holiday was created in the US by teachers in the 1980’s to encourage students to ask more questions.  It happens either on September 28 or on the last school day in September.

So, for my “stupid question” I want to know why my wonderful little puppy dog has to leave the tennis ball in the middle of the second stair on the staircase?  It is usually right about the spot where it isn’t easy to see.



Ask A Stupid Question Day (

Avoiding a walk

A cat plays dead in order to avoid going for a walk.


It’s Cold

The weather has definitely changed to winter.  It is very cold with some snow today.  I love the snow.  Inside wrapped up with a blanket, a warm drink, and a good book; I love snow.  When it gets deep enough I do love to go out and see if it’s good enough for making something in the snow.  It is on days like this that I particularly am appreciative of having a roof over my head, and the Russian Fireplace.  They are also known as Masonry Fireplaces.

For those who aren’t familiar with a Russian Fireplace they are made differently than a regular American fireplace.  The firebox is longer and compact which causes the wood to burn quick and complete.  That leaves a bed of coals that still produce heat.  All of the heat then flows through flues that wind their way inside the brick before going up the chimney.  The fireplace also does not touch the ceiling.  At the very bottom of the fireplace is an air vent that pulls in air.  There is also a clean out spot that allows for cleaning out anything that fell into the fireplace from above.  The clean out spot is also an indication of how well the fires are being built and burning, if there is a lot of soot in that box then the fires aren’t burning hot enough.  Once the fire dies down the dampers are slowly shut 3/4 of the way to contain the heat.  It basically makes the entire brick structure one large heat sink inside the house.  Long after the fire turns to ash the brick is still radiating heat.

On a cold day the bricks allow for a warm place to heat up at.  The biggest trouble is that Bandit also loves to sit on the brick seating area next to the stove.

Bandit and Fireplace



Kahlua Rest In Peace

Kahlua turned 15 on October 17, 2014.  Here is a picture I took of her on May 17:


Kahlua May 2014 Copyright Roseylinn
Kahlua May 2014
Copyright Roseylinn

She had cancer and hip dysplasia.  On October 23, 2014 she passed away at age 15 years and 6 days.  She was such a wonderful girl.


At the start of flea season, I did what the majority of pet owners do and bought flea/tick/mosquito repellent drops for my dogs.  The kind that have to be reapplied to their skin every month.  The majority of the flea/tick stuff is expensive.  Therefore, I looked for a less expensive generic version and found one.  I applied the appropriate amount as the directions indicated to both dogs.  Within a few days Kahlua, my old chocolate lab who has hip dysplasia, started to decline in health.  Her symptoms included:

  • Loss of appetite to the point she stopped eating completely
  • Shaking
  • Inability to walk up stairs
  • Lethargic

Bandit is a handful for a three-year-old puppy.  He believes that he is in charge and can show jealousy when Kahlua is getting attention.  He also does not like to share his toys.  When Kahlua started to get sick, he showed her real compassion.  He would go and snuggle against her.  He would let her get a lot of attention without issue.  At times when she got her head rubbed he would come over, snuggle against her, and purr.  He also would push his toys at her to try to encourage her to play with him.  His entire demeanor toward her changed.

She went to the vet who said that it couldn’t possibly be a reaction to the flea/tick stuff.  They also said that they come to the home now for putting pets under when the time comes.  I looked the flea medication up online and found others who listed out those very symptoms from giving their dog that exact product.  As soon as they stopped using the product the symptoms cleared up.

When it came to the food, I tried to tempt her with everything and anything I could find.  I tried dog food, wet dog food, and even those little gourmet wet dog foods and at that point she refused it all.  I finally went and bought her a bunch of baby food that contained ingredients that she can eat, and made fresh steel cut oatmeal.  It was a mushy liquid mess but she ate it.  Gradually she ate more.  I even got out the food processor and blended her dry dog food with the baby food into a “dog food smoothie” for her to eat.  As long as it was soupy, she ate it.

Little by little, she felt better.  How do I know?  Little by little, Bandit was going back to his usual behavior toward her.  Then one day she got a few kernels of dry dog food.  She ate one and looked up at me like; “You were not supposed to see that!”  I immediately stopped using the food processor to blend her food.  She went back to her usual diet of dry dog food with some soft on the top.  Bandit still lets her get more attention now than before she got sick.

I have moved to an organic, non-chemical solution to the flea repellent issue.  A recipe that I located uses boiled water, apple cider vinegar, lemon, and witch hazel.  I also add a few drops of Dawn Dish Soap to their bath.  The vet said that it was fine but to keep in mind that it would take twenty-four hours for the oils in their fur to return to normal.

I have also found that ants don’t like that vinegar recipe either.



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