Ant Conference

A tiny sugar ant conference on the counter: A method for getting rid of sugar ants: Set out a small container with maple syrup.  I've put mine in the general location where I'd seen them before. Wait a few days for the colony to get used to the maple syrup location. Add ant poison to the … Continue reading Ant Conference

Book Review: “Second Shot” By Coulter

"Second Shot" by Catherine Coulter was published by Berkley Books in 2014.  The book is actually two previously released books by Coulter.  The first "Eleventh Hour" was first released in 2002 and the second "Blindside" was released in 2003.  This information was in small print on the front and back of the book.  Looking at … Continue reading Book Review: “Second Shot” By Coulter

FDA Product Investigation: WEN

The FDA has released a statement about their investigation into WEN By Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioners.  The FTC has received 127 reports from consumers in regards to the products.  It is the "largest number of report ever associated with any cosmetic hair cleansing product including cleansing conditioners."  They are also investigating more than "21,000 complaints" … Continue reading FDA Product Investigation: WEN

Tax Scams

I got this phone message today: "The reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filling lawsuit against you.  To get more information about this case file please call immediately on our department number ______ I repeat ________." As I have mentioned before this is a scam.  The IRS has not, does not, … Continue reading Tax Scams

Corn Plant Blooming

In the corner sits a very old Corn (Dracaena) plant, inherited from my grandmother.  For years it has just sat there looking pretty removing toxins from the air with its green leaves.  A few weeks ago one of the stems started to look different and then buds started to form. Then one night a strong almost … Continue reading Corn Plant Blooming

Lottery Jackpot

"The man who has won millions at the cost of his conscience is a failure."  B. C. Forbes When the lottery jackpot was only a mere $800 million I stopped to get gas at one of those corner gas stations.  As I slipped into the long line I noticed a middle aged woman clutching her … Continue reading Lottery Jackpot

Recipe Analyzer

One of my favorite recipes of all time is my Grandma's Cinnamon Rolls.  I've never really wanted to know how much nutrition was in them because they are a treat.  One of those things that tastes really good, even though I know it can't be all that great for me, but I really don't care … Continue reading Recipe Analyzer

Campaign Trail

The longer the campaign season this year, the more this joke seems true: Comic written by Larry Lambert, illustrated by Jerry King. It seems that this year every day brings yet another jaw dropping, head scratching, moment.  For one candidate it seems that a chart is needed to just keep up with what their current … Continue reading Campaign Trail