Wet Dog Food

I have an aging Schnoodle dog. He has the poodle bad teeth and has lost several of his. Where he used to do just fine with hard dry dog food; he now needs the soft canned food too. I have to be careful with what I feed him for food because he has food allergies … Continue reading Wet Dog Food

Fur Baby Challege

Not too long ago I took the Kroger Fur Baby Challenge*. It is their "pamper your pets at Kroger" campaign. Over the past few months they have increased the brands of pet food they sell. Where I like the increase in brands I have noticed that they predominantly get in foods with chicken as the … Continue reading Fur Baby Challege


It seems that when a tiny thing goes wrong with a major appliance the repair bill is huge. For example, the control panel on my three-year-old dishwasher decided one day to quit.  Right after the warranty expired.  I searched online for causes, solutions, and repair estimates.  It turned out that that specific brand had an issue … Continue reading Dishwasher