Bird Nest

For a few years now small birds have attempted to build a nest under the edge of the roof on this small ledge. Most of the time they give up. This year however two birds   worked really hard to get the job done: Up close it seems like a small and unusual location to … Continue reading Bird Nest

Sugar Ants

Sugar ants seem to stake out their territory; as much as I stake out mine. Once they find a food source them come out in a dense pack to gobble it all up. Battling them is an ongoing challenge. The other day I put down some maple syrup to get them to go to one … Continue reading Sugar Ants


Once again one the Powerball jackpot prize is over $400 million. I've noticed that with the higher jackpots two things seem to happen: More advertisements on TV and radio. More scams and people trying to sell their "lottery winning systems." Here are a few tips to avoid the scams: In order to win a lottery … Continue reading Lottery

Electricity Usage Monitor

The other day at the library I saw on display an electricity usage monitor so I grabbed it, checked it out, and brought it home. An electricity usage meter allows the user to plug in devices and determine how much it costs to run household appliances. I had thought for sure that I knew what … Continue reading Electricity Usage Monitor

Death Star Petition

On Nov. 14, 2012 a petition was created on We The People calling for the U.S. Government to “Secure resources and funding, and begin construction of a Death Star by 2016”. The petition claimed that doing so would spur job creation and strengthen our national defense. The petition received 34,435 signatures. At the time of … Continue reading Death Star Petition

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record with winds spanning 1,100 miles.  It’s impact was felt in Jamaica, Cuba, Bahamas and the United States.  In the US it impacted at least 24 states from Florida to New England. Thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by the hurricane in all of the countries impacted. In … Continue reading Hurricane Sandy