Proper Blog

I am signed up for several blogs and newsletters on writing and blogging. I like to keep up with the advice and see what tidbits I might learn. I believe in learning and when I started blogging I took WordPress's Free Blogging Course that they offer. I wanted to learn how to blog and be … Continue reading Proper Blog

Bee Bathing

As I walked in the garden I noticed the zinnia wave. I lifted up higher to see and sure enough a bee sat on the petal. I moved slow to get closer and the bee didn't move. Soon I saw why. He soon stopped his cleaning to stare at me. Then he flew off.

“Deadline” By Sandra Brown

“Deadline” is a 2013 410 page romantic-mystery-suspense novel by Sandra Brown. It is written in third person narrative. I received the book in a box of used books. I am not being paid for my review, nor do I have any connection to the author or publisher. Book Synopsis (back cover summary): Dawson Scott is … Continue reading “Deadline” By Sandra Brown

Worst Gift Idea

With the holiday season manufacturers are working hard to influence people to give their products as gifts. Since just about every product out there has a newsletter; and the coupon exclusive incentive to sign up for them, they are filling up my email. This morning one of the feminine hygiene product newsletters focused on unique gift … Continue reading Worst Gift Idea

Business Opportunities

There are busines opportunities around every corner.  The legitimate ones follow: The FTC Business Opportunity Rules: Provide 7 days in advance of signing contracts, making payments, etc. a Business Opportunity Disclosure Document. If any claims about how much money a person could earn; or examples of how much money others have earned are made; or … Continue reading Business Opportunities

Lottery Jackpot

"The man who has won millions at the cost of his conscience is a failure."  B. C. Forbes When the lottery jackpot was only a mere $800 million I stopped to get gas at one of those corner gas stations.  As I slipped into the long line I noticed a middle aged woman clutching her … Continue reading Lottery Jackpot

Happy New Year

I hope this year brings happiness, good health, and cheer to everyone.  May you turn your dreams into goals; and your goals into manageable attainable feats and accomplishments. Thanks to everyone who has followed, read, and commented on the blog in 2015.  Here are a few statistics as they relate to New Year Resolutions: Types of Resolutions : … Continue reading Happy New Year

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas filled with food, family, and friends.  It was wonderful being able to get together with family both before and on Christmas.  This year I ended up with two favorite gifts. The first gift is a caramel-chocolate brittle that a family member made.  From my understanding this was the first … Continue reading Merry Christmas