WP Two-Step Authentication

A long time ago I set up the Two-Step Authentication feature on my blog. When I sign in I get sent a text message with a code to enter. Without the code I cannot login to my account. There are also backup codes that can be generated in case a person doesn't have access to … Continue reading WP Two-Step Authentication

Running for Office Tips

Like clockwork election season is once again upon us. There are a lot of people running for office in three categories: Re-election Running for the first time Re-running for a position As a voter, and volunteer, here are a few tips and things to keep in mind. Canvassing: At most a canvasser has two minutes … Continue reading Running for Office Tips

Password Strength

Have you ever sat and thought about how many places you have a user name and password?  A short list of examples would be: Bank(s) Credit Card(s) Email Account(s) College Account Social Networking Site(s) Online Game Site(s) Product Registration Site(s) that want an Account Set Up Club Card(s): Grocery Store, Cinema Card Email Card Stores … Continue reading Password Strength