Bee Bathing

As I walked in the garden I noticed the zinnia wave. I lifted up higher to see and sure enough a bee sat on the petal. I moved slow to get closer and the bee didn't move. Soon I saw why. He soon stopped his cleaning to stare at me. Then he flew off.

Car Ride

I decided to get out of the house the other day. I slipped out of my slippers and grabbed my shoes. As soon as the first shoe went on I heard, "woof." I turned and looked. Sure enough my dog was there. He loves car rides. So, I got out the video camera and asked … Continue reading Car Ride

Blah Blah Blah

Sometimes when I am in a store and an annoucement comes over the loud speaker it sounds just like, "special event, blah blah blah, back of the blah blah blah." Just like the adults spoke in the Charlie Brown. Falling asleep to "blah blah blah" So I wondered if there was a song out … Continue reading Blah Blah Blah

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

In honor of the 51st anniversary of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood google created the following doodle: You can find out more about the doodle by going here:  

Equifax Credit Breach

John Oliver on October 15, 2017 did a show about the Equifax credit breach that has impacted 145 million people. Keep in mind that John Oliver uses language, examples, and jokes not safe for work or young children. If you were one of the 145 million impacted there are some things to do*: Add … Continue reading Equifax Credit Breach

Happy Easter

The Bunny Hokey Pokey: The History of Easter: Things you might not know about Easter traditions we follow today: